G-Voice Assistant

G-Voice Assistant allows you to ask questions and send commands to Google Assistant system.

Available on Galaxy Store Available on Galaxy Store


Q1. What commands are supported by the PRO version?
A1. You can use following commands:
• make a phone call
• send text message (fully supported by smartwatches with SIM card)
• launch app on the smartwatch
• set an alarm
• record/play/delete audio note
• enable/disable/check status of GPS/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
• read your heart rate/air pressure
• check battery level
• check network connection
• mute/unmute sounds in the watch
• open watch settings
• read system info

Q2. Where can I find the full commands list?

A2. You can download full list of commands here:

Q3. What languages are supported by the FREE version?
A3. All languages available for the Google Assistant application

Q4. What languages are supported by the PRO version?
A4. Current version supports following languages:

Q5. How does the Autostart option work?

Q6. How does the Ok Google command work?

Q7. How to unlock and change the assistant language?

A.7. By default the following languages are supported in all locations/countries:
✓ English
✓ French
✓ Italian
✓ Japanese
✓ Spanish
✓ Korean
✓ Portugese
✓ German (Deutch)

Setting local language it is an automatic procedure when you create new Google account or at any time you can do it manually.

To unlock local, addidtional language (like Polish, Turkish or Russian) you must set it:
✓ on the Google account (A7.1)
✓ in the Google Home app on the phone (A7.2)
✓ in the G-Voice Assistant app on the smartwatch

A 7.1. Setting language on the Google account (login to Gmail)

A7.2. Setting language in the Google Home app on the phone

A7.3. Setting language in the G-Voice Assistant app on the smartwatch

295 thoughts on “G-Voice Assistant

  1. Diego Reply

    Is it gonna be available in Spain? I don’t see it on the galaxy store.

    Best regards

    • admin Post authorReply

      Yes, it will be avilable in Spain. PRO version (1.0.8) supports polish and english language.

          • Florin Pricopi

            Hello, do you think that the Romanian language will be available in the PRO version in the future? Thank you.

          • admin Post author

            Hello, we are collecting request for new languages. Thank you for the info.

        • Lionel Reply

          Bonjour, pouvez vous m expliquer en détail les différents paramètres de configuration possible ?

          • admin Post author

            Bonjour, il y a une nouvelle version dans la certification avec une nouvelle configuration. Je décrirai tous les paramètres sur cette page.

      • R. Terry Reply

        Everytime I tried to purchase the pro version it gives me an error. I also can’t find the app by searching it. I’m taken to the store by the watch app.

        • admin Post authorReply

          Hi, the app was suspended for a short time to fix bugs and add new features.

          • Cosimo

            Delusione non si sa come fare pet inviare telefonate nelle impostazioni non ci sono quando vuole capire che dico chiama Vittorio mi dice che non è abilitato a fare chiamate

          • admin Post author

            Ciao, abbiamo migliorato i comandi nella nuova versione (è in fase di certificazione nello Store e sarà disponibile entro pochi giorni). Puoi controllare i comandi supportati in lingua italiana sopra.

          • Teri

            Is there a way to sign into the app thru the phone? I can’t enter my google acct and password on the small watchface using the bezel or the tiny keyboard. Please help I can no longer use the app because I cant sign in.

          • admin Post author

            Hi, currently it is not supported.

        • Mariano Reply

          Hola, tenía instalada la aplicación, además de la pro, tuve que quitar cosas por una actualización y ahora es imposible encontrar G-voice assistant sin que sea pro, porque sin pro estaba en español y podía controlar todos dispositivos de Google home, donde puedo encontrarla para instalarla de nuevo

          Gracias. Mi correo es marmipas@gmail.com

          • Sam A

            Great app, but needs improvements.
            Not smooth or fast.
            After a while of not running, it takes s lot of time to boot again and be ready to take orders/questions.
            I also get an error from time to time when the app starts (in my case when I double click on home button and the app was not used for a while).
            I wish these things are addressed.
            Other than that a great way to add google to my watch.
            It also be nice to get a sound feedback indicating that google assistant is listening when I double click home button not only the visual live rotating icon.
            Ideally, I would like to double click my home button, and right away google assistant is ready to take orders with a sound feedback after double pressing, and no delay in the process; just like in my note 10 phone.
            Thanks again for this app and please address these issues.

      • Taneli Veistinen Reply


        I love the sofware, just what I needed. Could you please add an option not to react to wrist gesture. I’m having a problem when wrist gesture brings the app to the foreground when running in run in background mode.

        If I disable background mode the app launches a long time.

        • admin Post authorReply

          Hello, please check diagram above – how does the Autostart option work. If you do not use the On Wrist Gesture option, the window behaviour (moving to the background/foreground) is handled/forced by the OS in your smartwatch.

        • admin Post authorReply

          Thank you for the feedback. We are collecting list of new languages from our users. Within few weeks.

      • Roman Reply

        I am having problems. If I say: remind me in 10 minutes … He answers me: “To help you create reminders, I need your permission to allow personal results on this device.”
        I turn it on on my phone, but with the my next request, everything repeats again.

        • admin Post authorReply

          Hi, please make sure you use the same Google account as you use in the phone app.

    • Varg Reply

      Please add Swedish language to this great app! Keep up the good work 👍

    • KMH Reply

      Bought pro version in anticipation of support for Norwegian language – hope this is soon to come?

      • Pedro Almeida Reply

        En- I cannot install Pro version on my galaxy watch (this version does not exist at Galaxy Store for me).
        Pt – Não consigo instalar a versão Pro no meu galaxy watch ( essa versão não existe na minha galaxy store)

        • admin Post authorReply

          Hi, paid content may not be available for Non Samsung devices. It depends on your country and the phone manufacturer.

    • Jefri Hasan Nasution Reply

      Do you have plan to support Indonesia language or bahasa in pro mode?

      • admin Post authorReply

        Hi we are collecting requests for new languages. The most requested will be added within few weeks.

  2. Marquis Ellis Reply

    I’ve tried buying the G-Voice AssistantPro but unfortunately it want install to my watch & I keep getting this notification on my phone on the app store (Error: S2000/P/03ZDC).

      • Jacqueline Torres Reply

        I get the same Error I think its bc the watch doesn’t have a Sim Card. Watch has to have that its required in order to work.

      • Joe F Reply

        I am getting the same error as Marquis. I’ve tried to pay with Samsung Pay and PayPal, with no success. Using S10 phone, Watch3 LTE. Please advise.

    • admin Post authorReply

      You are using system keyboard, application doesn’t have own/custom.

  3. Tapek Reply

    Hi. Great App, works great so far!

    One issue i am having after buying the pro version:

    * when launching the pro app, it tells me to load the free app
    * when launching the free app, the pro app launches immediately after

    Reducing load time is the goal for me, not increasing so i have removed pro for now since i only need home automation voice commands but if this is not intended behaviour please advise.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi, we will improve this process in the next version (1.0.9). You dont have to launch PRO, just launch FREE and PRO will be loaded in the background.

      • Francesco Osato Reply

        Non compare più g voice assistant pro sul galaxy store. Come posso fare?

        • franck le provost Reply

          Superbe application, il manquerai juste un widget et elle est parfaite

    • Rolando Reply

      Don’t wast your money! App does not work (Pro Version). Support is worse than the app, so avoid a headache and stay away from Somyac apps.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Bonjour, cette commande n’est pas prise en charge. Il y a l’option de démarrage automatique – l’enregistrement commence au démarrage de l’application ou lors d’un geste du poignet.

  4. Marco Reply

    I used your listed commands to try and send a message. For example, “Send message to dad” I then say my message but then it asks me select a contact from my contact list. Is there a way to bypass me choosing a contact even though I already said who to send the message to in the first place?

    • admin Post authorReply

      Current app version allows to send messages without user interaction on LTE watches. We are working to support this on devices without SIM card.

      • Michael A Krogmann Reply

        Anxiously awaiting the update so I can try it on my Galaxy Watch

        • admin Post authorReply

          Hi, we have a small delay. The app will be sent to the store on next monday.

          • Anne-mette

            Great app, could you please add support for danish language in the pro version.

            Thank you so much in advance! 🙂

  5. Anthony Honciano Reply

    Is there a way to configure the app via the phone? I have a very long cryptic password that is hell to type on a screen.

    • admin Post authorReply

      The app doesn’t have phone/tablet component. Works fully standalone, so you have to enter password using watch keyboard.

  6. Tapek Reply

    Thank you for the quick response to my feedback. I have tested the new version and it is a LOT better.

    I now have double tap home button set to open gvoice assistant and it is listening and responding very quickly now, brilliant!

    • Jacqueline Torres Reply

      I get the same Error I think its bc the watch doesn’t have a Sim Card. Watch has to have that its required in order to work.

  7. oddaljen Reply

    Can you post link to Galaxy App store?
    I can’t find it in store.
    Is it available in Slovenia?

  8. oddaljen Reply

    I can’t buy PRO version. There is no PRO version in Galaxy Store for me. I’m from Slovenia.
    Any help?

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hello, thanks for the info. Please contact us at support address. We will check it.

  9. Nasser Al-Araimy Reply

    When are the speed enhancements coming please? It is slow to actually be ready to listen and cuts off the first part of what you are going to say if you speak straight after it says it is ready.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi, please try 1.1.1 (available this week) and let us know about the results.

  10. Darrel Vince Reply

    I am trying to login. But after it gets to ask to give permission it closes and I have to try logging in again. I cannot get past that point.

  11. Ryan Reply

    why can’t open it? it says wrong email or password in my Google account. even I’m typing the right email and password?

    • admin Post authorReply

      You can tap on the eye icon in the password input and see if the password is correct.

    • Salvatore Riccardi Reply

      Hi.. app is not more in Samsung store.. where i can Found this app?

      • admin Post authorReply

        Hi, we have a small delay. The app will be sent to the store on next monday.

    • admin Post authorReply

      What do you mean? Your questions/commands go directly to Google services and are processed locally in your watch. If you request recording audio note – the file is saved locally in your watch.

  12. Flavio França Reply

    O aplicativo de vocês é incrível. Muito bito e fácil de usar, parabéns!!! Espero que lancem a versão PRO em português brasileiro pra eu realizar a compra.. PARABENS!

  13. Matheus Reply

    Can’t find the free or pro versions on the galaxy store =/
    Page isn’t found, netheir the app name

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi, will be released this/next week. We want to fix some important bugs. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  14. Medion Reply

    Je ne trouve plus votre application gratuite G-Voice pour ma samsung watch active 2 est ce normal ?

    • admin Post authorReply

      Salut, sera publié cette / la semaine prochaine. Nous voulons corriger quelques bogues importants. Désolé pour le dérangement.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi, will be released this/next week. We want to fix some important bugs. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • admin Post authorReply

        Hi, we have a small delay. The app will be sent to the store on next monday.

  15. yoel Reply

    no app in the galaxy store even tried through xda links, and still, no app showed…

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi, will be released this/next week. We want to fix some important bugs. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  16. Francesco Osato Reply

    Non compare più g voice assistant pro sul galaxy store. Come posso fare?

    • admin Post authorReply

      Ciao, l’app è stata sospesa da noi per un breve periodo. Sarà disponibile la prossima settimana.

  17. João Paulo Reply

    It is not possible to buy the pro version, when making the payment always gives the error of the server S2000 / P / 44UPH and is asked to try later. I’m from Brazil.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi, the app has been suspended by us for a short while. Will be available next week.

    • admin Post authorReply

      PRO version allows you to control your watch – launch apps, make phone calls etc.

    • admin Post authorReply

      The app is temporarily suspended by us. It will be released next week.

  18. Jake Reply

    Hello, just curious if the app is still on track for release this week? Looking forward to purchasing the pro version.
    Thanks for your hard work!

    • admin Post authorReply

      Sorry, but we have small delay. Next version will be send to the Store next monday. I can offer you access to the test version if you wish. Just contact us at support address.

  19. Salvatore Reply

    Buonasera.. per la prossima Relise, ci sarà il supporto alla lingua italiana? Mi riferisco a G-voice PRO

    Grazie mille

  20. Riccardo Reply

    good evening. it would be possible in the future to use G-voice also as an input method to transcribe messages by voice .. or maybe you will have the possibility to create a keyboard type gboard with T9 and Google voice transcription?

  21. Sabino Reply

    Hi it is possible to have the pre-release version in italian galaxy store. thanks

  22. alex Reply

    hi since I wrote the previous comment 3 weeks have passed and every time let it be written that ilnprpssino will come out on Monday but still nothing is possible to know when this app will come out?

    • Raino Reply

      This is a very nice looking project, I hope the delay is not because of some non-compliance claims or such from Samsung. Or because its vaporware.

  23. guillaume Reply

    Depuis la dernière mise a jour il est impossible de donner le code d’ouverture du garagne.
    En effet quand je demande l’ouverture du deu garage celui ci me demande mon code (normal) mais quand je lui donne il fait comme ci c’était une nouvelle demande.

      • Nish Reply

        I don’t have any adblock or antivirus software. Both watch n phone is connected to wifi. Internet connection is there but stilli get login -20 error. In samsung accnt i have given google accnt setting on option.

  24. Michael Arnold Reply

    I’m not able to sign in. The keyboard pops up and because of my email address and combo the keyboard won’t even allow me to input my email address. Cant you make it login from the phone?

  25. Alessandro Delli Santi Reply

    hello finally and exit this app is really good the only thing that some commands in Italian do not work such as putting music or playing music on google smart speakers. if these functions are present in the pro version, buy them immediately

  26. alex Reply

    hi but the commands such as music management from the various vroadcasting platforms or the control of smart speakers or chromecast tvs and various home automation are not supported?

  27. Nino Reply

    Where are your terms and conditions in regards to the handling of our data using this app? thank you.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hello, the app does not collect/send to us any data. Voice input is sent directly to Google services, voice and visual output is sent from Google directly to your smartwatch.

  28. Nish Reply

    Hey i m using samsung active 2, it gives login failed error whenever i try to launch app. Its doesnt say where to sign in or nothing

    • admin Post authorReply

      Restart your watch. If you connect via Bluetooth, check that your phone is connected to the Internet and you don’t have any antivirus/adblock software disrupting the traffic.

  29. Nish Reply

    Why we get login [-20] error. I dont get any sign in page. Can u help me with this? My samsung accnt is connected with my google

    • admin Post authorReply

      Error code -20 means that the application was unable to load the Google login page. If you connect via Bluetooth, check that your phone is connected to the Internet and you don’t have any anti-virus/adblock software disrupting the traffic.

  30. Victor Reply

    Hi, how does the Ok, Google command work? While I’m saying nothing happens. Is the a right way i have to do that? Payed last pro version.

  31. The_Iceman Reply

    hi, i try to download the pro version on my watch . then it says i have no wifi, which is not correct. it’s fine. bleutooth is also fine.
    on my phone i can’t find the pro version in the galaxy watch store either. i’m using a gear s3 obdb sm-r770 running on Tizen
    how can i download pro and how do i set it to Dutch?

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi, please check if you do not have any antivirus/adblock software that may block net traffic. Do you have access to any paid content in the Store? For Non-Samsung devices it may not be possible to buy apps in the store.

  32. Fabio Reply

    I have purchased the Pro version but I’m still not able to place a phone call (the app says something like “I can’t make calls yet”, same as the non-paid version). Tried to uninstall and reinstall both appa but it didn’t work. If I set an alarm it gets stuck and if I try to read my pulse it says something like “Impossible to read from sensor”.

    Basically, the Pro version does not work at all for me, right now I just wasted 3€. Please advise.

    Galaxy Watch 3, Italian language.

  33. Henk Otten Reply

    Hi I’m Dutch but the app doesn’t allow me to use Dutch (Dutch is just not an language option in the app).
    Is this intentional?

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi, please make sure you have Dutch language set on your Google account and in the Assistant app in the phone.

  34. Денис Reply

    так и не понял как запускать команду Ok, Google? напишите более подробно, какие настройки выставить в программке..

  35. Paul Reply

    Pro version works great on my Watch 3. Is it possible to activate Routines in Google Assistant (f.i. to put on the lights)?

  36. Paul Reply

    Although I bought the Pro Version the Dutch language is not listed on my Watch 3

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi, please make sure you have Dutch language set on your Google account and in the Assistant app in the phone.

  37. John Reply

    can u add commands for map?
    lets go to ‘Adress’
    Navigate to ‘Adress’

    it would be great

  38. Edgar Zamora Reply

    Hi, i have purchased Pro version from Galaxy Store but when i’m trying to make a Call (spanish version) g-voice assistant says “sorry but at this time i can’t make phone calls”, i don’t know what i have to do, this is the reason i have purchased it.
    Can you guys please help me?

    Hola!, he comprado la version pro desde la tienda de galaxy, cuando digo el comando “llamar” el asistente me dice “lo siento, de momento no puedo realizar llamadas”, no se que es lo que tengo que hacer ya que esta es la razon por lo cual he comprado la aplicacion!
    Pueden por favor ayudarme?

  39. Edgar Zamora Reply

    He comprado la version pro para poder utilizar el comando “llamar a”
    Desafortunadamente cuando solicito una llamada a un Gear S3 Classic, G-Voice me menciona que “de momento no puede realizar llamadas” como si no tuviera la version PRO
    ¿Que puedo hacer? Realmente compre la version pro para utilizar solo este comando.

  40. Andy Reply

    Routines saved on phone’s Google Home app don’t work with the watch free app, is responding :sorry I don’t understand:
    Ex I have hue lights connected to Google home and routines.
    Is this a feature for your app?

  41. Leo Reply

    I just bought the pro version.
    Ok, google command doesn’t work?
    Why are my contacts are not recognize (like saying call my son and it will follow this comnand)

  42. Thanos mantzouris Reply

    Hi will support greek language because I’m using already the Samsung app for the commands (bixby). If it will be at the future this update I will purcase the update of your app. Thanks

  43. Gabriel Massini Silva Reply

    I can’t download the pro version, I downloaded the normal one and then I went to buy but nothing happens, I also can’t find the pro version in the Galaxy store

    • admin Post authorReply

      Please check if you have access to any paid content in the Galaxy Store. For Non-Samsung devices it may not be possible to buy apps in the Store.

  44. Gabriel Massini Silva Reply

    I can’t find the pro version, I’m Brazilian, will I have support to buy this version? I use a Galaxy watch active 1

  45. Pavel Sidorenko Reply

    Hola, he instalado la versión pro pero no logro pasar de la pantalla de registro, dice que no existe ningún usuario con mi nombre, lo cual no es cierto

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hola, asegúrese de proporcionar el nombre correcto. Esta es la página de inicio de sesión de Google y no puedo verificar por qué recibe el mensaje de error.

  46. gwangyeon kim Reply

    this is korea brand watch.. why not support korean language plz add korea language

    • admin Post authorReply

      Thank you for the suggestion. You can find some info above. All menu options will described soon.

  47. Brian Tomasic Reply

    I logged in and gave my permission for your app to use Google account on my gear s3 classic, I clicked allow. Then the app crashes.
    When I open the app again, it ask me to login again when I allow access again it crashes again

  48. Johan Reply


    Content de l’application mais à quand le Okay google afin d’interagir vocalement sans appuyer sur le bouton 🙂


    • admin Post authorReply

      Bonjour, il est déjà implémenté (c’est une fonctionnalité expérimentale). Veuillez vérifier le diagramme ci-dessus expliquant comment ces commandes fonctionnent.

  49. Mihails Vainselbaums Reply

    Good day .
    I have to repeat my question again. Instead of answering this question yesterday yesterday, you deleted it … If you offer multilingualism it should work. Should I complain to Google and Samsung?
    “Today I have installed the professional version of your program. Unfortunately, the program only shows the menu in Russian. Speech in Russian does not perceive and gives distorted English words. Please help me fix this error”.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hello, we have found invalid translation in Russian. It has been fixed and new version will be available soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  50. Mihails Vainselbaums Reply

    Google Assistant started working in Russian. Thank you very much

  51. Tyczek Reply

    Witam. Świetna aplikacja.
    Aczkolwiek istnieje jeden problem. Gdy wydaję komendę “sprawdź puls”, program zwraca, że “nie może odczytać danych z czujnika”.
    Zegarek – Gear S3 Frontier.
    *Posiadam wersje Pro oczywiście.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Witam, proszę upewnić się, że zegarek przylega dobrze do nadgarstka i ponowić pomiar.

  52. Jeffrey Goh Reply

    I love this app – except for one small thing – “open sesame” does not take me to my Google Home routine, but instead overrides it with a cute “wish granted” with some ethnic ali baba-ish music. All my other Google Home stuff works fine except for the routine, and the routine works fine if I use GA on my phone or my Nest speakers.

  53. franck le provost Reply

    Superbe application, il manquerai juste un widget et elle est parfaite

  54. Fred Reply

    Does it work if the watch is paired with an iPhone? I’m stuck on the “Please wait” screen…

    • admin Post authorReply

      Please check if you have an active Internet connection in your smartwatch. If you connect via Bluetooth, make sure your phone is connected to the Internet via GPRS or WIFI and you do not have any antivirus/adblock software that may block net traffic.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Please meke soure you have your native language set on the Google account and in the Assistant app in the phone. Then logout and login in the smartwatch app.

  55. D.S. Reply

    Is it possible to control my Smart-Home system with the app like I would on my Google Nest Hub?
    Thank you in advance.

  56. Henry Reply


    I’m interested your apps and I want to know this G-Voice assistant app

    Support Traditional Chinese display?
    Support Cantonese Voice input and output?
    Fully compatible Galaxy Watch3 (Tizen v5.5)?
    Need always connect INTERNET on Galaxy Watch?

    Thank you!

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hello, thank you for your questions!
      1. No (PRO)
      2. No (PRO)
      3. Yes
      4. Yes

  57. Henry Reply

    Can you add the voice input/commands support of Cantonese in G-Voice Assistant PRO?

  58. David Reply

    The pro version doesn’t work any better than the free version….. The pro version just closes after I ask it to send a message it responds to send it ? Then closes and resets so when I say send it’s a whole new comand. Not recommended

  59. Taneli Veistinen Reply

    Hi, Could you add used units. Temperatures are in Fahrenheit, and I can’t understand them.

  60. Josh Reply

    The app kicks me out after I try to login and when I open it again it asks me to login again.
    I’m using a samsung gear sport

  61. Michael Reply

    Hi, every time I try to set up, I get a Login Error -20. Can you please assist? I have Google Assistant running on my phone running no problem.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi, please uninstall app, make sure you have active Internet connection in your smartwatch and install again.

        • admin Post authorReply

          Hello, we will add Danish in the future. We are collecting requests for new languages.

  62. Sedat Civan Reply

    Will be Turkish language for Full Support (Phone Call, Send Message..etc) ?

  63. Slawo Reply

    After last update no audio (sound) confirmation – mic on. Settings – Audio – ON/OFF nothing change.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Witam, zmieniliśmy działanie funkcji Audio (na życzenie użytkowników aplikacji). OFF = wyświetla się tylko grafika, asystent nie odpowiada. Pozdrawiam

  64. Curt Nesheim Reply

    I have purchased the pro version. What does the “swap voice” option do?

    • admin Post authorReply

      You can change voice gender (if it is possible for your language) male – female.

  65. Nish Reply

    I have one issue..if i use wifi for both mobile and watch, it doesnt work . Why? I should keep phone internet on , then only this app works in watch.

  66. Nik Reply

    Добрый день! Пользуюсь уже давно версией PRO на Samsung Galaxy Watch. Последнее время нет удовольствия от G-Voice Ассистент . Раньше он более менее быстро запускался. Сейчас очень долго и может зависнуть так и не ответив. Будут какие-то улучшения , или он таким и он останется ? Очень хорошее приложение , не хотелось бы разочароваться, извините за откровенность.
    ( Google translation from Russian to English: Good day! I have been using the PRO version on the Samsung Galaxy Watch for a long time. Recently, there is no pleasure from G-Voice Assistant. Previously, it started up more or less quickly. Now it is a very long time and may freeze without answering. Will there be any improvements, or will he stay that way? A very good application, I would not want to be disappointed, sorry for the frankness.)


    Adquiri a versão pro. Mas sinceramente, não sei qual a diferença entre a versão gratuita e a versão paga do aplicativo. poderia, em poucas palavras, me dizer?

  68. Jefri Hasan Nasution Reply

    Dear admin,

    Please consider to support bahasa or Indonesia language. I’ll buy it if available

  69. Andres Reply

    Me aparece el error Bluetooth (proxy)
    Sin conexión a internet
    Enable móvil data un your phone

    Tengo todo prendido y con internet.. que puedo hacer

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hola, asegúrese de no tener ningún software antivirus que pueda bloquear la conexión a Internet y reinicie su reloj. Intente conectar el reloj inteligente a través de WIFI y verifique el resultado.

  70. Johnny S.Jørgensen Reply

    Can you Say if Danish is Going to be available. And when??

    Id love to get it then.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Thank you for the feedback. We are collecting list of new languages from our users. Within few weeks.

  71. Slawo Reply

    Witam ponownie. Naprawdę jestem pełen podziwu jak projekt się rozwija. Jedyna wada to powolne uruchamianie. Znając jednak zasadę działania można to wytłumaczyć. Mam pytanie odnośnie opcji Expert: odblokuj ekran, Smart message command, smart launch command, limit czasu połączenia, stream audio, zamień głos. Co każda z nich znaczy? Mimo testów dalej nie wiem. Pozdrawiam

    • admin Post authorReply

      Witam, dziękuję za pytania.
      ad1. proszę sprawdzić jak działa opcja autostartu (trzeci diagram powyżej)
      ad2. ON = w jednej komendzie można podać nazwę kontaktu i treść wiadomości np: “wyślij wiadomość do żona, niedługo wrócę.
      ad3. ON = jeżeli nie ma aplikacji to asystent o tym informuje. OFF – przekazuje dalej do serwisów Googla.
      Przykład: “uruchom odkurzacz”
      ON – nie mogę znaleźć aplikacji odkurzacz
      OFF – uruchamia odkurzacz (urządzenie fizyczne obsługujące asystenta) o ile takie istnieje:)
      W razie dalszych pytań proszę o maila. Szybciej uzyska Pan odpowiedź.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Please check info above how the autostart option works.

  72. fred vane Reply

    I first downloaded the free version. Later I bought the pro version. So now they are both on my phone. When I delete the free version, the pro version doesn’t work anymore.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi, FREE version is the main app and PRO is the plugin for the FREE. You have install both apps and lunch FREE.

  73. Юрий Reply

    Добрый день! При нажатии на микрофон – ничего не происходит, речь не распонает!

  74. tracey Reply


    do we have to have both pro & free one
    do we have to download the commands
    is it meant to work like on ur fone
    when you say hi or hey google and it answers
    please let me know


    • admin Post authorReply

      Hello, you have to install FREE and PRO and launch FREE. You do not have to download commands and you can enable Ok Google in the app settings.

  75. 강남안마 Reply

    I don’t know whether it’s just me or if everybody else encountering issues with your site.
    It appears as if some of the written text on your content
    are running off the screen. Can somebody else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them too?
    This may be a problem with my web browser because I’ve had this happen previously.
    Thank you

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hello, please try the following steps: 1. go to the app settings and disable volume control option 2. tap rec button say voice command 3. rotate bezel to zoom in/out the view (the scale will be saved)

  76. David Reply

    To control some of my smart devices, Google Assistant normally responds back asks for a PIN after the initial command:

    “Open Garage Door”
    GAssistant: “Can i have your pin”?

    At this point the microphone is no longer listening so when i press it again and say “1234” it does a google search for that number instead.

    Is this something the Pro version fixes?


    • admin Post authorReply

      Thank you for the feedback. In the next version (2.2.0, it is being certified in the store) it is fixed. Please check the result and let us know.

  77. Yoh Reply

    Impossible de faire marcher l’App. Ça me demande constamment de me loguer avec mon compte Google (ce que je fais) et autorise l’App via mon tél avec la notification…et ça en boucle

  78. guillaume GRANDGIRARD Reply

    Depuis la dernière mise à jour il est impossible de donner le code d’ouverture du garage.
    En effet quand je demande l’ouverture du garage celui ci me demande mon code (normal) mais quand je lui donne il fait comme ci c’était une nouvelle demande.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Bonjour, c’est corrigé dans la prochaine version. L’assistant posera des questions automatiquement. Il est en cours de certification dans le magasin.

  79. Robert Reply

    will there be an implimentation of whatsapp-messaging via your smartphone?
    I wanted this mainly to quickly send messages without taking my phone out.
    However, it keeps telling me “I’m sry, I did not understand. Who do you want to message”

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hello, we are working on supporting whatsapp messages. Currently it is not supported.

  80. Alex Reply

    Hi… The app is great, but consumes a lot of Battery!!! Always on top of consume list. Watch Active 2 Lte

    • admin Post authorReply

      Thank you for the feedback! Please go to the app settings and select “simplified mode” option.

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