Explore the World with GPS Navigation

☆ Designed for Gear & Watch ☆
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Key Features And Functionality:
✓ Turn-by-turn navigation with map and maneuver view
✓ Automatic route recalculation
✓ Real time traffic display
✓ Route tracking
✓ Export route data to GPX file
✓ Navigation voice commands
✓ Voice search
✓ Searching places and addresses with autocomplete option
✓ Searching best route based on your preferences – avoid tolls, motorways etc.
✓ Four route modes – walking, cycling, driving, public transport
✓ Route optimization – fastest, shortest, economic, scenic
✓ Route maneuvers preview
✓ ETA/speed/distance calculation
✓ Favourite and history list (places and addresses)
✓ Map customization – normal, satellite, terrain, hybrid
✓ Units selection – metric or imperial
✓ Lock screen mode – map is always visible
✓ Easy and intuitive configuration
✓ Support for 17 navigation languages!

This is standalone application and does not require access to any software installed on your phone.

Available on Samsung Galaxy Apps


Q1. I see ‘No GPS Signal’ dialog. How to fix it?

Please try following steps:

A1.1. Make sure that you use one GPS module at the same time – internal (from the smartwatch) or external (from the phone)
A1.2. If you use internal GPS wait a while (2-3 min) in place where GPS signal is good, for example close to the window
A1.3. Disable battery optimization for Galaxy Wearable app
A1.4. If you use external GPS, open any map application in the phone and check if there is correct position

Q2. How to use my own GPX file?

There are several gpx file formats. We support the Garmin standard.
First, convert your file to supported format:
A2.1. Go to https://www.alltrails.com/converter
A2.2. Upload your file, select: Convert to Track/Route, Download as: GPX Track -> press Convert file button

Now you have to copy the GPX file to your smartwatch to: Documents/GPS Navigation/gpx.
A2.4. You can use any transfer app available in the Galaxy Store or (little more difficult but free option)
A2.5. Change file extension to .mp3, go to Galaxy Wearable app and use ‘Add content to your watch’ -> ‘Add tracks’
A2.6. On the smartwatch use our free File Transfer app to rename and copy the file

8 thoughts on “Explore the World with GPS Navigation

  1. Pavel J. Reply

    The application is great, just please add the import of .gpx routes as well

    • admin Post authorReply

      Thank you, we will add import option in the next version.

  2. Jürgen Barden Reply

    I just bought the app. I miss much a video to use the app. It is hard work to prepare target Adress. On my galaxy watch I can’t even see ehat I type in, cause keyboard on the watch is covering to much on the display. I don’t know, how the app is searching the address. I was just able to type geo coordinate numbers. After choosing favorite place, routing is not starting. I don’t know why.

  3. OH Reply

    Hi, what about importing gpx-tracks (which were placed in documents/GPS Navigation) and then let navigate them?

    (Sorry, first comment was on wrong post)

    • admin Post authorReply

      Hi, this functionality will be available in the next version (3.2).

  4. Richard Dodd Reply

    Can you add, route from Google maps to this app please, I have saved places on Google maps and would like to transfer to watch and use on this app.

    • admin Post authorReply

      Thank you for the idea. We will consider to add it in the next version.

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