WiFi Talkie

added: 06.05.11

WiFi Talkie uses  direct WLAN device to device connection and modern  VoIP techniques to simulate Walkie-Talkie push to talk connection.


No paid GSM connections, no WLAN routers and access points, no central servers, no short range Bluetooth connections – just pure, free WLAN point to point connection!


There are plenty of situations where WiFi Talkie would be suitable for you, for example:

  • At home, you are on the first floor, your wife / children is on the second floor, now you don’t need to shout, or call to communicate, if you want to contact just use WiFi Talkie
  • Outdoor, to play with your child in the park
  • In the cars – when you make a trip with your fellows by two cars, you can communicate via WiFi Talkie with fellows in the second car and vice versa
  • just to make fun ;)


All you need is: two Nokia Symbian devices with WLAN support, WiFi Talkie application installed on both devices and… that’s all!

phones list:
supported platforms:
N97, S60 5th Edition
N97 mini, S60 5th Edition
X6, S60 5th Edition
C6-00, S60 5th Edition
C5-03, S60 5th Edition
5530 XM, S60 5th Edition
5800 XM, S60 5th Edition
X7-00, Symbian^3
N8-00, Symbian^3
C7-00, Symbian^3
C6-01, Symbian^3
E7-00, Symbian^3


There are no files to download for this product.
  • Is it necessary to setup any WLAN parameters manually?»

    No, whole network configuration is done automatically by WiFi Talkie.

  • Do I need the same phone models to make WiFi Talkie working?»

    No, WiFi Talkie support all Symbian S60 5th and Symbian ^3 devices equipped with WLAN module (see phones list above).

  • How many devices can be connected at the same time?»

    WiFi Talkie works like standard walkie-talkie, it means this is point to point communication between two devices.

  • What is the maximum range of WiFi Talkie?»

    The range of connection depends on the phone model you have, environment and it varies from 10 meters at home, between walls, up to 100-150 meters in open space.

  • Do I need WiFi router or other network appliances?»

    No, all you need is WiFi Talkie application installed on two symbian phones. You do not need any external network devices like routers, switches etc. WiFi Talkie uses own WLAN point to point communication channel.

  • Does the application need internet connection to work?»

    No, WiFi Talkie establishes own WLAN connection between two devices, thus no internet connection is needed.

  • Does the application need GSM connection to work?»

    No, WiFi Talkie uses point to point WLAN connection, thus GSM connection is not used.