Recordoid Windows Phone

added: 30.12.11

Recordoid turns your phone into social dictaphone.
Application interface simulates retro tape cassette recorder with all details and allows you to record voice notes using three different quality levels.

Recording length is only limited by storage capacity.
You can easily add text note and GPS position to your recording and display the location on the map.
Additionally thanks to reverse geolocation feature Recordoid is able to receive address data of the place where the
Moreover, you can share the recording with your friends - thanks to support for SkyDrive serivce you can easily upload your recording and share the link by sending message to your favourite social network, or by E-Mail or SMS.

Recordoid offers advanced search options – recording names, notes and locations can be searched. Moreover search results can be narrowed down with date filtering.
User can choose recording quality – more advenced users may want to record music where high quality WAV format is needed.

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Windows Phone
Windows Phone


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