added: 10.10.2011


Do you want to publish business card on your Twitter or Facebook account?
Do you want to encrypt URL address or phone number as a graphical message? 
Do you need industrial barcode for your product?
Now with myQR.Card you can create your own QR code or barcode and share with others on Twitter, Facebook or send as email message.

WiFi Talkie

added: 06.05.2011

Do you remember how you and your friends played with Walkie Talkie, when you were a child? Now it backs with your Nokia Smartphone!


WiFi Talkie application simulates with all details Walkie-Talkie device: hand-held, portable, two-way radio transceiver.

Font Zoomer

added: 16.01.2011

Font Zoomer is the application that allows you to fully customize font in your handset. Using Font Zoomer you can replace system font and change size, transparency and space between characters.

Magic Video Tones

added: 12.01.2011

Magic Video Tones  allows you to set video clip as an replacement for standard ringtone.

When there is incoming call instead of standard ringtone  you see and hear video clip that is set up for the phone number (contact)  that is calling you.

Just assign your favourite videos to your contacts and watch who is calling ;)


added: 19.12.2010


Turn your phone into retro dictaphone! Notify your friends about your new recording on Twitter or Facebook. Share your recording with friends via E-Mail or MMS or set it as a ringtone.

Add text note and GPS position to your recording and display location on the map