Manage and share files on your Watch without limits!

File Transfer allows you to manage, view, send and receive files in your smartwatch.
This is unique app in the store that works in standalone mode – does not require any additional software in the PHONE/TABLET/PC to send and receive data.

✓ send files to any Bluetooth device – SMARTWATCH/PHONE/TABLET/PC
✓ receive files from any Bluetooth device
✓ browse folders and files
✓ view files content
✓ copy/paste/rename/sort/delete options
✓ view memory information
✓ search folders and files
✓ text editor
✓ zip/unzip option
✓ intuitive menu

Available on Samsung Galaxy Apps


Q1. How to setup receiving files in the smartwatch?
A1. Before first file transfer you must do the following steps:
A1.1. unpair phone and smartwatch
A1.2. restart phone and smartwatch
A1.3. launch the File Transfer app (do not close it in the step A1.4)
A1.4. pair phone and smartwatch

If the smartwatch name is not visible on the bluetooth device list:
A1.5. in the smartwatch: open Settings → Connections → Bluetooth panel
A1.6. in the phone select Bluetooth → Scan option

Q2. How to send file(s) from the smartwatch?
A2. Long press on the list item, select Share option and pick your phone name from the list

Q3. How to receive file(s) in the smartwatch?
A3.1. launch the File Transfer app
A3.3. in your phone use Share → Bluetooth option
A3.3. pick the smartwatch name from the Bluetooth device list
A3.4. accept receiving file(s) in the smartwatch

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Jasper van Strien

I bought this app, but cannot receive any files via bluetooth on my watch using the app. Phone is visible under bluetooth in the app (‘connected’).
Using another app, I could upload via bluetooth to my watch, so seems to be an issue with the app.
Please advise how I can get this to work, or how I can get my money back.

Othmar Oehring

Same for me !! Mail was sent to support !!


Nici mie nu îmi funcționează vreau sa trimit un fișier pdf

amine llit

hello I am on computer and I cannot download File Transfer And Manager Standalone can you help me please