G-Voice Assistant

G-Voice Assistant allows you to ask questions and send commands to Google Assistant system.

Available on Galaxy Store Available on Galaxy Store

★★★★ APP SETTINGS ★★★★

✓ Language
Language of voice commands. Read instruction below (Q7) how to unlock new language.
✓ Simplified mode
ON = raw text response
OFF = extended response with texts and graphics
✓ Mute
ON = no audio response
✓ Vibra notif.
ON = haptic feedback
✓ Audio notif
ON = plays “click” sound when start recording
✓ Always on display
ON = watch screen is locked (dimm is OFF) when the app is in the foreground
✓ Use bezel for volume
ON = rotating bezel changes volume level
OFF = rotating bezel scales the assistant view if Simplified mode = OFF
✓ Ok, Google [Experimental]
Voice activation. Read instruction below (Q6) how it works.
✓ Autostart section
Autostart configuration. Read instruction below (Q5) how it works.
✓ Run in the background
ON = allows the app to run in the background
✓ Conversation mode
ON = if assistant needs more info to complete task – the app automatically starts listening
✓ Mic boost
Adjusts data recorded from a microphone. It improves voice recognition.
✓ Smart message command
ON = it is possible to say name and text message in one command
✓ Smart launch command
ON = if there is no requested app installed on a watch – there is no notification and assistant tries to use connected devices
OFF = if there is no requested app installed on a watch – there is notification
✓ Connection timeout
Max time to connect to Google services
✓ Stream audio data
ON = the app plays audio response in chunks
OFF = the app waits for full audio response
✓ Alarm token
ON = prevents refresh token procedure to go to sleep mode
✓ Word confidence
Max letters in contact name that may differ from a phonebook name
✓ Use locales for call&text
ON = speech2text system uses system language instead of Language settings when recognizing contact name and text message
✓ Swap voice
ON = change voice male <=> female
✓ Unlink smartwatch
Disconnectes smartwatch from the assistant system. There is no possibility to request personal details like reminders, user name etc.
✓ Connection test
Sends ping request to Google services to check if net traffic is not blocked by other app or hardware. Ping timeout = Connection timout.
✓ Send diagnostics
Sends diagnostics via email


Q1. What commands are supported by the PRO version?
A1. You can use following commands:
• make a phone call
• send text message (fully supported by smartwatches with SIM card)
• launch app on the smartwatch
• set an alarm
• record/play/delete audio note
• enable/disable/check status of GPS/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
• read your heart rate/air pressure
• check battery level
• check network connection
• mute/unmute sounds in the watch
• open watch settings
• read system info

Q2. Where can I find the full commands list?

A2. You can download full list of commands here:

Q3. What languages are supported by the FREE version?
A3. All languages available for the Google Assistant application

Q4. What languages are supported by the PRO version?
A4. Current version supports following languages:

Q5. How does the Autostart option work?

Q6. How does the Ok Google command work?

Q7. How to unlock and change the assistant language?

A.7. By default the following languages are supported in all locations/countries:
✓ English
✓ French
✓ Italian
✓ Japanese
✓ Spanish
✓ Korean
✓ Portugese
✓ German (Deutch)

Setting local language it is an automatic procedure when you create new Google account or at any time you can do it manually.

To unlock local, addidtional language (like Polish, Turkish or Russian) you must set it:
✓ on the Google account (A7.1)
✓ in the Google Home app on the phone (A7.2)
✓ in the G-Voice Assistant app on the smartwatch

A 7.1. Setting language on the Google account (login to Gmail)

A7.2. Setting language in the Google Home app on the phone

A7.3. Setting language in the G-Voice Assistant app on the smartwatch

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Is it gonna be available in Spain? I don’t see it on the galaxy store.

Best regards

Knut Arne

Comes Norwegian language

Florin Pricopi

Hello, do you think that the Romanian language will be available in the PRO version in the future? Thank you.

Dr mac

I’m in the UK and have GW4 I cannot find the app on the store error code—–(com.somyac.gear.assistant.plugin:2290:9908:21b675723041)

Any idea how I can get the app.

Many thanks


Bonjour, pouvez vous m expliquer en détail les différents paramètres de configuration possible ?

Claude Bezeau

Can I use Routine with G-voice assistant.?
And is it possible to use w/o
To press on screen. Only say OK google..?

R. Terry

Everytime I tried to purchase the pro version it gives me an error. I also can’t find the app by searching it. I’m taken to the store by the watch app.


Delusione non si sa come fare pet inviare telefonate nelle impostazioni non ci sono quando vuole capire che dico chiama Vittorio mi dice che non è abilitato a fare chiamate


Is there a way to sign into the app thru the phone? I can’t enter my google acct and password on the small watchface using the bezel or the tiny keyboard. Please help I can no longer use the app because I cant sign in.


Hoi hoi, heb alles geinstaleerd volgens mij, hij antwoord wel.maar ik hoor nikz,ook al heb geluid op hoogst staan.help hoe kan ik hem goed laten werken zodat hem met veel plezier kan gebruiken..


Hola, tenía instalada la aplicación, además de la pro, tuve que quitar cosas por una actualización y ahora es imposible encontrar G-voice assistant sin que sea pro, porque sin pro estaba en español y podía controlar todos dispositivos de Google home, donde puedo encontrarla para instalarla de nuevo

Gracias. Mi correo es marmipas@gmail.com


When pro version will works in português?


How do I make a phone call

Sam A

Great app, but needs improvements.
Not smooth or fast.
After a while of not running, it takes s lot of time to boot again and be ready to take orders/questions.
I also get an error from time to time when the app starts (in my case when I double click on home button and the app was not used for a while).
I wish these things are addressed.
Other than that a great way to add google to my watch.
It also be nice to get a sound feedback indicating that google assistant is listening when I double click home button not only the visual live rotating icon.
Ideally, I would like to double click my home button, and right away google assistant is ready to take orders with a sound feedback after double pressing, and no delay in the process; just like in my note 10 phone.
Thanks again for this app and please address these issues.

Taneli Veistinen


I love the sofware, just what I needed. Could you please add an option not to react to wrist gesture. I’m having a problem when wrist gesture brings the app to the foreground when running in run in background mode.

If I disable background mode the app launches a long time.

My Lindblom

Hey I need the Swedish language to get available 😁

Cheng Peng

By April 14th the pro version still cannot launch apps on my phone which has been broken since last time it worked.


Doesn’t work it shows and Bluetooth error help me ease


I am having problems. If I say: remind me in 10 minutes … He answers me: “To help you create reminders, I need your permission to allow personal results on this device.”
I turn it on on my phone, but with the my next request, everything repeats again.


Please add Swedish language to this great app! Keep up the good work 👍


Bought pro version in anticipation of support for Norwegian language – hope this is soon to come?


Trying to make a call, says it’s not able to at this time?

Pedro Almeida

En- I cannot install Pro version on my galaxy watch (this version does not exist at Galaxy Store for me).
Pt – Não consigo instalar a versão Pro no meu galaxy watch ( essa versão não existe na minha galaxy store)

Jefri Hasan Nasution

Do you have plan to support Indonesia language or bahasa in pro mode?


Hello, I just tired using G voice assistant on my Galaxy watch 3, it’s awesome espexIally when you know Samsung smart watch doesn’t officially support Google assistant,
Plus the fact that it has rich features in settings ,
But I have some issues with it when asking G voice assistant this type of question :” play Joe Biden news” or ” news about Jeff bezos ” or ” China news ” , etc,,. The issue is that it can not give me any correct proper answers or replies , instead it replied something like :” o found this on the internet ” but it displays something unrelated on watch screen

I actually compared the Google assistant on Google’s Fitbit sense,. When it comes to answering questions or requests about news of any topic, the Google assistant on Fitbit sense beat G voice assistant on galaxy watch 3, this issue also.occurs on g voice assistant on galaxy watch 3 when asking 2 other questions unrelated to news,

I only use g voice assistant on galaxy watch 3 for 3 days,. Except for these complaints I made, I can see that for other types of questions , like weather, like other questions of different topics, g voice assistant on galaxy watch 3 works well, it has displayed answers on watch screen which is great when you want to read it at same time

By the way , I use Free version , please fix this issue

Thanks a lot 😊


Hola, quiero comprar la versión PRO, pero no me aparece en la Galaxy Store, soy de Bolivia


Hi! If I try to create an event on google calendar by dictating this to Google Assistant, it says that first I have to grant permissions to let google show me personalized results, but I don’t know how to do this: on my watch it has all the needed permissions. Am I doing something wrong? If I can make this work, I will purchase the Pro version

Marquis Ellis

I’ve tried buying the G-Voice AssistantPro but unfortunately it want install to my watch & I keep getting this notification on my phone on the app store (Error: S2000/P/03ZDC).

Jacqueline Torres

I get the same Error I think its bc the watch doesn’t have a Sim Card. Watch has to have that its required in order to work.

Joe F

I am getting the same error as Marquis. I’ve tried to pay with Samsung Pay and PayPal, with no success. Using S10 phone, Watch3 LTE. Please advise.


Why is there never Swedish language?


Good day,
Does it support making calls commands in Arabic?


Thanks! Works great!

Sylvain Vallée

Great app…. When french will be available in the PRO version and will we get the OK Google some day?
Thanks a lot.


Pls a Pro Version in German thx


Hi, can it support hands-free “hey google” activation?


the application does not open


Que puedo hacer. Ya no funciona en mi galaxy active watch 2?


Su galaxy watch 3 si blocca in continuazione…


I will not let me sign into my Google account the keyboard it so tiny


Hi. Great App, works great so far!

One issue i am having after buying the pro version:

* when launching the pro app, it tells me to load the free app
* when launching the free app, the pro app launches immediately after

Reducing load time is the goal for me, not increasing so i have removed pro for now since i only need home automation voice commands but if this is not intended behaviour please advise.

Francesco Osato

Non compare più g voice assistant pro sul galaxy store. Come posso fare?

franck le provost

Superbe application, il manquerai juste un widget et elle est parfaite


Don’t wast your money! App does not work (Pro Version). Support is worse than the app, so avoid a headache and stay away from Somyac apps.


Hi, PRO app is working good now with eSIM ??

Gernot Meier

Ist die App ein Akku-Killer ??


Bonjour, y’a t’il ” ok google ”?



There will be support for the Russian language ?

Thiago Meireles

Is there how to auto listen when launched?


I used your listed commands to try and send a message. For example, “Send message to dad” I then say my message but then it asks me select a contact from my contact list. Is there a way to bypass me choosing a contact even though I already said who to send the message to in the first place?

Michael A Krogmann

Anxiously awaiting the update so I can try it on my Galaxy Watch


Great app, could you please add support for danish language in the pro version.

Thank you so much in advance! 🙂


Hi, when will the next update be available for the app.

Thank You


app is back but not available in israel

Anthony Honciano

Is there a way to configure the app via the phone? I have a very long cryptic password that is hell to type on a screen.


I know it’s been nearly a year, but I had the same issue. I password is 100 random characters. Google’s “app password” feature doesn’t work, either. So, what I did was change my password to 16 random numbers. I logged in to this app on my watch. After I gave it permissions and verified that it worked, I went back to Google and changed my password to a new random 100 character password. This app still works after that.


Thank you for the quick response to my feedback. I have tested the new version and it is a LOT better.

I now have double tap home button set to open gvoice assistant and it is listening and responding very quickly now, brilliant!

Jacqueline Torres

I get the same Error I think its bc the watch doesn’t have a Sim Card. Watch has to have that its required in order to work.


Can you post link to Galaxy App store?
I can’t find it in store.
Is it available in Slovenia?


I can’t buy PRO version. There is no PRO version in Galaxy Store for me. I’m from Slovenia.
Any help?

Nasser Al-Araimy

When are the speed enhancements coming please? It is slow to actually be ready to listen and cuts off the first part of what you are going to say if you speak straight after it says it is ready.

Darrel Vince

I am trying to login. But after it gets to ask to give permission it closes and I have to try logging in again. I cannot get past that point.


Great work! Will there be Swedish support anytime soon?


why can’t open it? it says wrong email or password in my Google account. even I’m typing the right email and password?

Salvatore Riccardi

Hi.. app is not more in Samsung store.. where i can Found this app?


Do the voice recordings go into the built-in voice recording app or somewhere else?


Great app! Make for windows, I’ll buy it right away!

Flavio França

O aplicativo de vocês é incrível. Muito bito e fácil de usar, parabéns!!! Espero que lancem a versão PRO em português brasileiro pra eu realizar a compra.. PARABENS!


Great app. Is it gonna work with google home assistant in the future? Keep up the good work 👍🏻👍🏻


Can’t find the free or pro versions on the galaxy store =/
Page isn’t found, netheir the app name


Application not work


Je ne trouve plus votre application gratuite G-Voice pour ma samsung watch active 2 est ce normal ?


Seems to have disappeared from the Galaxy Store. Will it be back?


App has disappeared from the Galaxy Store… Where did it go?


When will the next update be realeased?


no app in the galaxy store even tried through xda links, and still, no app showed…


Pls a Pro Version in German thx

Francesco Osato

Non compare più g voice assistant pro sul galaxy store. Come posso fare?

João Paulo

It is not possible to buy the pro version, when making the payment always gives the error of the server S2000 / P / 44UPH and is asked to try later. I’m from Brazil.



what is the difference between free and pro version?

Roel Rodas

Hi, are we gonna get spanish any time soon? Thanks.


Italian language too?


It’s possible to open app like bixby saying ok google on something else ?


Updated to 2.3.0 latest version at galaxy active 2,personal results didn’t work again.
Finally,went to g-voice assistant app settings, scrolled until LINK with the app.. after that I was able to enable personal results 🙂


Can’t Find the application on the Galaxy Store


Hello, just curious if the app is still on track for release this week? Looking forward to purchasing the pro version.
Thanks for your hard work!


the app is hot disponible in the galaxy store


how can I download this app?

Salvatore Riccardi

When is possible download this app on the store????

Raino Pikkarainen

Waiting intensifies…


Monday 12 today?


Buonasera.. per la prossima Relise, ci sarà il supporto alla lingua italiana? Mi riferisco a G-voice PRO

Grazie mille

Alessandro Pallaria

i saw the amazing video. I am impatient to download it


good evening. it would be possible in the future to use G-voice also as an input method to transcribe messages by voice .. or maybe you will have the possibility to create a keyboard type gboard with T9 and Google voice transcription?


Hi it is possible to have the pre-release version in italian galaxy store. thanks


Will the app be up soon?


hi since I wrote the previous comment 3 weeks have passed and every time let it be written that ilnprpssino will come out on Monday but still nothing is possible to know when this app will come out?


This is a very nice looking project, I hope the delay is not because of some non-compliance claims or such from Samsung. Or because its vaporware.

Welaba Shaw

When is the new version coming out??


Do we have news forse the release on Galaxy store? Thanks


Depuis la dernière mise a jour il est impossible de donner le code d’ouverture du garagne.
En effet quand je demande l’ouverture du deu garage celui ci me demande mon code (normal) mais quand je lui donne il fait comme ci c’était une nouvelle demande.


I don’t have any adblock or antivirus software. Both watch n phone is connected to wifi. Internet connection is there but stilli get login -20 error. In samsung accnt i have given google accnt setting on option.

Michael Arnold

I’m not able to sign in. The keyboard pops up and because of my email address and combo the keyboard won’t even allow me to input my email address. Cant you make it login from the phone?


Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

Alessandro Delli Santi

hello finally and exit this app is really good the only thing that some commands in Italian do not work such as putting music or playing music on google smart speakers. if these functions are present in the pro version, buy them immediately


can you say me if i can send a whatsapp message with pro version?


hi but the commands such as music management from the various vroadcasting platforms or the control of smart speakers or chromecast tvs and various home automation are not supported?


Where are your terms and conditions in regards to the handling of our data using this app? thank you.


Hey i m using samsung active 2, it gives login failed error whenever i try to launch app. Its doesnt say where to sign in or nothing


Why we get login [-20] error. I dont get any sign in page. Can u help me with this? My samsung accnt is connected with my google