Navigation for Wear OS!

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☆ The app supports turn-by-turn commands in 23 languages

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Key Features And Functionality:

✓ Support for Google and OSM maps
✓ Turn-by-turn navigation with map and maneuver view (no limits in PRO)
✓ Voice search (PRO)
✓ Route tracking (PRO)
✓ Geocoding (PRO)
✓ Automatic route recalculation
✓ Searching places and addresses with autocomplete option
✓ Searching best route based on your preferences – avoid tolls, motorways etc.
✓ Three route modes – walking, cycling, driving
✓ Route maneuvers preview
✓ ETA/speed/distance calculation
✓ Favourite and history list
✓ Map color customization
✓ Units selection – metric or imperial
✓ Lock screen mode – map is always visible
✓ Easy and intuitive configuration