GPS Navigation for WearOS & Watch3


☆ Powered by © OpenStreetMap project and © Google Cloud services ☆
☆ The app supports turn-by-turn commands in 23 languages

Key Features And Functionality:
✓ Offline maps (PRO)
✓ Support for Google and OSM maps
✓ Turn-by-turn navigation with map and maneuver view (no limits in PRO)
✓ Voice search (PRO)
✓ Route tracking (PRO)
✓ Geocoding (PRO)
✓ Automatic route recalculation
✓ Searching places and addresses with autocomplete option
✓ Searching best route based on your preferences – avoid tolls, motorways etc.
✓ Three route modes – walking, cycling, driving
✓ Route maneuvers preview
✓ ETA/speed/distance calculation
✓ Favourite and history list
✓ Map color customization
✓ Units selection – metric or imperial
✓ Lock screen mode – map is always visible
✓ Easy and intuitive configuration

GPS Navigation works in the standalone mode, it does not require any software on your phone.

☆ If you want to unlock PRO features download companion app:

☆ Privacy Policy:


Q1. How to unlock PRO features?

You can upgrade the application in four steps:
A1.1. Install free version in watch:

A1.2. Install companion app in phone:

A1.3. Buy the PRO licence using companion app
A1.4. Send licence to watch

Q2. How to fix offline map download?

A.2.1. Connect your watch to a charger

A2.2. Connect your watch to the Internet via Wi-Fi, disable Bluetooth

A2.3. Go to the app settings and activate Window Overlay

A2.4. Make sure you don’t have any adblock or antivirus software in your network that may block/disrupt data traffic

A2.5. Start downloading a map and check progress in the Download Manager app

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This app supports importing gpx files?


João Gonçalves

Hello. That’s the killer feature.
Does it have a date?


Yes. I’ve already unlock the PRO version. 🙂


Do you have a planned release date of the feature?
Thanks. Best Regards


Добрый день. Не могу купить Pro версию для часов

Good afternoon!
How can I buy this application from Russia if the app store does not allow me to pay?

Do I need to connect to a mobile phone to use this map?
Can it be used in the area without data service?
Can it be used in the Samsung galaxy watch 4?
Thank you.


Can the app do the trail recording?
Just to reconfirm the function of importing GPX file for route is already in Pro version?


I am from Malaysia.
How much is it to purchase this Pro version?
Thank you.


I am considering buying Galaxy Watch 4. No watch to connect now and cannot see the price.
Possible to give me an indicative price?
Thank you.


Hi. Just purchased the app 🙂
Wanted to ask if you plan to support compas support? I would like the map to rotate like a compas if I turn around. Can’t explain to better. Hope you understood!


Hallo, how can I use app (gps tracking) without mobile connect ?


Everything is set but if I disconnect the watch from the mobile it will stop working tracking on watch.

Glen Mattheeussen

App is working smooth, was very impressed. However discovered a few bugs. I’m running it on my Galaxy watch 4 LTE classic , wear os 3.2
I know there is an option to leave the screen on. But it consumes too much battery. I prefer turn to wake the screen up and look at the map. However, the app closes to background After a minute or so, it’s still Running because I hear the turn notifications and feel fibrations but the map is not showing. I have to go to recent apps to show the map. Can this be fixed so the apps keeps on the foreground and it’s there when I raise my arm and wake the screen?

Yesterday I tested it while keeping the screen always on, like i said very smooth, but lots of battery drain. But after 20 minutes of navigation suddenly the app forced closed. Maybe a memory issue? I used offline maps Wich I downloaded before.

And 3th issue: when I make a destination and mark it as favourite, next time I select the favorite destination the app immediately crashes.

Anyway, i see a lot of potential in this app. Looking forward to gpx support especially!


Great app, I just have a big issue with scrolling on Galaxy Watch 4, moving the map to the right closes the app as the watch detects it as the “back” gesture. Is there any workaround for this or a fix coming up? Thank you.


I would like to ask if there is an offline map of Slovakia available for download because I cant seem to be able to find it.


Добрый день! После обновления слетела лиценция, при попытки купить, пишет что лицензия уже есть и выдает ошибку. Как быть?

After the update, the license became unavailable, when I try to buy it, it says that the license is already there. How to solve this problem?

I am using it with Galaxy watch 4. How to turn the map screen always on.

Рангелов Димитър

Please add Bulgaria map !

Paulo Machado

What’s the map format? When I start the app it searchs the documents/map folder for maps. Is there a way to map a personalized map and put in that folder?

Pettry van Steenbergen

Hey, when I download an offline map it tells me to set it in the settings. But I don’t see a setting that has to do with offline maps. What am I supposed to set? Thanks in advance!


I find this confusing, for an end user the “Map” option appears to change the map style and has no clear connection to offline maps. Maybe move this to a checkbox option – “Use offline maps”? Or even better, when there is no data connection use it automatically.


Świetna aplikacja i moim zdaniem najlepsza na galaxy watch 4😀
Ale jest problem – mapa polski offline znika z urządzenia.
Już dwa razy pobierałem i mapa znika mi z galaxy watch 4 🤥


Why is United Arab Emirates not available for offline download?


Hey, when I disconnect my Galaxy Watch 4 from my phone and wi-fi (the watch is also non-LTE), it cannot get a GPS signal at all. It cannot find my current location whatsoever.

I haven’t bought the app yet so I’m imagining offline/standalone mode isn’t unlocked in any way, even for just current location, until you do?


Actually, it turns out that my watch’s GPS sensors are completely non-functional so my watch is defective. Thank you anyway though!


Hi! Thanks for the great app!

When do you plan to integrate the gpx import?
Would be quit handy with the offline maps.
Really looking forward to it!

Glen Mattheeussen

I used the app perfectly on my watch 4 classic. But got watch 5 pro now and can’t seem to install gps navigator on it. Is it not yet compatible?

Glen Mattheeussen

Nevermind i found the app by searching the watch app store, installed succesfully


Hi, as far as I see it the offline maps don’t support offline navigation yet. Is that a planned feature?

Additionally, it would be great if one could select multiple offline maps to download. Downloading all of Germany is quite cumbersome.

Olaf Oertel

Hallo Somyac Team,
habe die Pro Version gekauft, kann aber diese nicht auf der Huawei Watch Pro aktivieren. Es wird auch keine Lizenz in der App auf der Uhr angezeigt. Die Lizenz wird nicht zur Uhr übertragen.

Soumik Roy

Hello, i bought the pro version. But I can not download the offline map. The waiting logo is rolling on and the status is zero percentage always.

Also please add Map for India.


Hello, great app. How can I buy this Pro app from Russia if the store
applications won’t let me pay?


Hello i have the huawei watch 3 pro and i downloaded the companion app on my phone samsung note 20 ultra to be able to buy the pro version but although my watch is bluetooth conected, in the app is seen as disconected and i can not make the payment.
Thank you


It worked thank you


I can’t find the offline map of Hong Kong. Can you please add it in the future update? Many thanks!


Hi, When will the offline maps of Abkhazia and Georgia appear?


Okay, I’ll be waiting. I purchased the pro version.


В приложении есть возможность создавать маршруты при передвижении пешком, на велосипеде и автомобиле. Но есть люди и, думаю, их немало, кто передвигается общественным транспортом. Сложно ли реализовать этот момент в данном навигаторе?


Буду очень благодарна, если в одном из обновлений увижу Общественный транспорт в списке 🙂

Last edited 4 months ago by Татьяна

Hi, first thanks for your work!
There’s a chance that this app will support magnetometer (..or compass) from the smartwatch to toggle the map during the use?
And the possibility to onlinesync of the poi’s?
I have a galaxy watch 5 pro.
Thanks again and have a nice day.


Looking for an offline map for the Cayman Islands but it is not listed. Is it included in another offline map in the database?


Is there a web based or internet application that you can export routes to view them on a laptop? I can export my routes to my phone but cannot open them.


Can you please tell me how to change the file extension? Can the file type be changed in the app or does it need to be converted?


The offline map for the Japan area seems to be too large and cannot be downloaded to Watch, which has minimal space.

Is it possible to make it possible to split it into separate downloads for each region, as is the case with Canada and Deutschland?

Other than that it works very comfortably.
Thanks for a great app!


downloaded few gb of maps than trying to download otber maps, after finnishing the download i get error 13. Why?
Huawei watch 3-FC2.
Thank you.


5Gb free. Anyway the map goes on but at the end says error 13. Downloaded another 2Gb of maps with same error but everything works as normal.
Thank you.


Hi, is there anyway to import .gpx files to the app?
Thanks a lot.


Hi. I recently purchased Pro version for Huawei Watch 3 Pro. But i cannot find a way how to put custom point on map, let say to navigate from curent loc to droped pin on map or sometning.Only online by searching adress or POI. Maybe some video tutorial in Youtube will be very helpfull


Ich habe die Pro-Version. Wie kann ich meine Tracks von der Watch exportieren?


Witam na poczatku chce bardzo podziekowac za aplikacje. Dlugo szukalem takiej w ktorej mozna pobrac bezposrednio mapy na zegarek i w koncu znalazlem. Odrazu kupilem wersje PRO. Mam tylko pytanie dlaczego mapy OSM nie mozna przyblizyc w takim stopniu jak mapy domyslnej. Po pobraniu mapy rowniez jest to niemozliwe a przez to niektore informacje sa poprostu nieczytelne. Mysle ze oprocz tego aplikacji nic nie brakuje. Prosze poprawcie to.